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Solution design events

We gather many different people with a range of skills together at regular events and then work together to consider potential solutions to the challenges local health and care services face, we call them solution design events.


Who are the solution design events for?

Alongside the public engagement events, we have been speaking with doctors, nurses and other professionals (such as the police, carers, charity workers) at solution design events. At the events, people get together to share their expertise and knowledge about the services they provide or support.

Attendees at the solution design events are local health and care professionals, they want to make sure that the care you receive is the highest quality it can be. Some of them also represent the Our Health Our Care programme at the public engagement events and help to gather your feedback on the ideas.

When did the Solution Design Events start?

We began conversations at the solution design events in September 2016, and they have been ongoing every 4 - 6 weeks since, working and developing ideas alongside the public engagement events, staff engagement events and other conversations with local elected councillors, county councillors and local MPs.

How do they link to the public engagement events?

The solution design events are part of a cycle of conversations that are working to create ideas for how future health and social care services can be delivered.

Ideas are discussed at solution design events and then collaboratively discussed and approved by a Joint Programme Board, which has membership from all local health and care organisations, this means that the ideas have the initial support of all local leaders before further development with you, at public engagement events. The ideas are discussed with local people and then their feedback is collated and returned to the clinicians at solution design events as part of a cycle of conversations.

This means the ideas are evolving and being designed with your experience and insight, as well as the professional's knowledge and expertise.

What has happened so far at the Solution Design Events?

Attendees work hard to collaborate and develop ideas, we then share them with you through the public engagement events. If you want to know more about the feedback from the attendees at the Solution Design Events you can read the feedback documents below.

Solution Design Event Sept 2016

Solution Design Event Oct 2016

Solution Design Event Nov 2016

Solution Design Event Jan 2017

Solution Design Event Mar 2017

Solution Design Event Jul 2017

Please note that the feedback documents are produced to collate the input and suggestions from clinicians and subject matter experts during Solution Design Event discussions regarding potential new models of care. By their nature, these feedback documents are clinically worded to reflect the technical nature of these discussions, the terminology must remain to accurately reflect the comments of our clinicians.

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